Business Proposal For…

Innovative & Enthusiastic IT Entrepreneurs

Active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs can fully exploit the potentialities of a coompany available resources.such as Softwares, Technology and Capital.

Software companies

Softwares Companies were increase growth in business using these softwares.Solver Provide software for every trade.

Website designers and developers

Web Developers & Designers are genrate packages of ‘website + Accounting Software’ increase own turnover figures.

IT Startups

Great oppurtunity for those startups who were survived because of their financial terms & they genrate side income by selling these softwares.

Road Map To Start Your own Software Company

No Investment Required

To Become a part of this programme ‘No Investment Requirement’, Only Concentrate on sales.

No Experience Required

No need of experience in software trade to join this programme.

No Programming Required

No need of technical skills for join this programme only determination & sales skills will increase your income.

No Need to Hire Software Engineer

Most Important, No need of software Engineer Every Technical Problem will tackled by Company.

Resale Our Products on Your own Brand Name

No need to hire high package software engineers and spend crores of rupees and years of your life developing erpsoftwares.
World class ERP Software privately whitelabeled on your company name.
Your website, Email-ID, company logo, product name / logo, everything will be rebranded as per your company.
Maintain business confidentiality among your staff, executives & customers.