Red Apple 10.0



    E.R.P. Software For SabziMandiCommission Agents, Fruits and Vegetable Dealers, Order Suppliers, APMC Yard Agents, Flower Market Dealers, Forwarding Agents, Hotel Order Supplier to help them make Supplier / Customer Bills, Manage Rate / Weight Adjustment, Maintain Self and PartyStock, Calculate Accurate Accounts, Handle Crates, Control Stores and much more.

    Works of hours can be completed in minutes with the help of Red Apple Software. As per our survey, business in SabziMandi is very good and profitable. An average commission agent sellsfruits and vegetable in 1 or 2 hours in morning. But to maintain his records manually, he has to spend 7 to 8 hrs,If this work is carried out with the help of Red Apple ERP software, he will be able to maintain his accounts in 15 to 30 mins.


    Red Apple ERP has been designed keeping Sabzimandi business culture practical working. In a SabziMandi, The commission agents have to make adjustments in rate and weight of goods. Sometimes you have to quote higher price to supplier and sometimes you have to quote lower price. Suppose goods are sold for Rs. 1000/-, you may report it 1100/- or report it 900/- to your supplier depending upon your business policy. The same kind of adjustments can be made in weight. Customer’s reports will be maintained as per actual Sale Price and supplier’s reports are maintained as per our desired price. That affect your profit and loss accounts.

    Red Apple software helps increase your profitabilityin no. of ways viz.control over bad debts by tracking customers not coming from no. of days, managing crates efficiently, automatic profit/loss report on each consignment, automatic 10 days ugrahi register. These kind of valuable reports available at single click helps convert your loss into profit.

    Implementing Red Apple ERP software is quite easy. No computer training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably.

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