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Label Printing

IIZA printing accommodate address, barcodes, product details for any size, font and style. It can be use with stander lazer and inject pointers. It can designed according to our need. Additional fields can be added by drag and drop method.

You can mention all information about party with as many numbers of tax to any party. You can create a labels like address of customer suppliers. Agents, Barcode for any product packing to minimize the data entry work you can import files excel and csv file. Label printing is a overall enterprise software with cost effective oppreaction with more efficiencies.


Easy to use in mini time – no mail merge.

Wholelystick software office solution for your printing and labeling needs.

Complex designs of any size using ous wyslwyg label designer.

Contacts multiple tag can be stored in built database.

More than 50 standard size label formats offered desmat WORLD LABLE.COM or preconfigured.

Multi format automatic label.

Additional fields are customized and printed.

Search any information is carried out by our powerful search engine.

Image, Excel, PDF can be exported easily.

All kinds of laser, inkjet printer can be used.


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