Emerald 6.0 (GST)



    E.R.P. Software for Shuttering / Scaffolding stores to help make accurate rental bills, manage stock; control leakage, record daily issue / receipt challans, maintain hire / unhire items records, fully integrated with Financial Accounting and GST reports

    Scaffolding / Shuttering business is not like other trades, in which we feed purchase and sale entries to maintain our stock and accounts.In Shuttering Stores, The businessman provides material to its customers for construction of their building / roads etcon rental basis. Items are issued and received at different time intervals. There are so many other incidental charges / losses that need to be recorded carefully e.g. freight paid, items received in broken conditions, consumables, missing / damaged components etc. At the end of month a bill is to be dispatched to every customer. In manual working bill generation is a very much time consuming and tedious process. Using Emerald ERP Software you can createyour rental bills in nano seconds tocontrol leakage and convert your loss into profit.

    Apart from this rent rates are different for different customers.Items are to be maintained in different sizes. Items are purchased, hired, sold, un-hired, produced, consumed in different sizes. Stock is maintained item wise and size wise.In emerald e.r.p. software all the screens are designed by experts very carefully just as we work manually so that all the business reports that consume your very precious time are now generated automatically.


    Emerald software is not only an accounting software it works as a business consultant. Helpful for you to achieve your targets, generate growth in you business and build your corporate brand value.

    Implementing Emerald ERP software is quite easy. No computer training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably. Download Emerald ERP software and start using.

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