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    Clean Machine Software has been especially designed for dry-cleaners / laundries with automatic tag printing, Store Pictures of customer as well as items, Easy Order and Delivery Management, Complete CRM, Processing In Store, Simple Accounting and easy to operate environment.

    In Dry Cleaners Trade, A dry cleaner has a very complicated problem to manage and record the identity of particular item of a client. Many times garments are exchanged between the clients. This situation creates a big problem for a dry cleaner. It creates a question mark on his work style and goodwill. To overcome the identification problem of each item, we covered it with ‘Tag’. The tag is appx. 2”x2” in size and contains information such as date of order receipt, Date and time of delivery, Customer Name, Contact No, Total No. of garments etc. Using Clean Machine software tags can be printed on “Buckram” cloth or tafta paper. These tags are not washed away in any dryclean or laundry process.

    SMS plugin of Milky software lets you send automatic SMS to farmers on milk purchase entry, payments, outstanding payments etc. Configure milk rates yourself. Even you can import milk rate list from excel worksheet also.


    Clean Machine Software’s variable GST feature let you charge GST from customers as per services delivered to them. In case customers do not pickup their garments from laundry for some months, then GST will be payble only for delivered items.

    Its pretty easy to implement Clean Machine software. No Accounts or computer training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably. Download Clean Machine software and start using.

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