Bell Boy (GST)



    Software for Courier Agencies to Record Daily consignments, Make accurate monthly bills, Define party wise rates for all zones. Import existing data from excel. High protection with user defined rights, Integrated with Financial Accounting.

    A Courier agency provides various services like parcels, documents (Dox), overseas etc. Customers are charged for these services as per weight and location where their consignments are to be delivered. For example if consignment weight is below 1 kg and to be delivered in metros then charges are Rs. 40, for every additional 1 kg Rs. 20 will be charged extra. In non-metros or remote areas, charges are Rs. 50 below 1 kg and Rs. 30 per additional 1 kg etc. etc.

    There are two kind of customers in courier agencies, one is cash customers, they book their consignments and pay on the spot. Another is credit customers like banks, corporates or regular consignors. A monthly bill is provided to these customers for all the consignments shipped during this month as per rates already fixed with them. The major challenge for a courier agency lies in generating bills of these parties and maintaining their proper accounts, cheque details, banking, daily expenses, inward delivery tracking, recording of shipments etc.


    Bellboy software helps courier agencies maintain these transactions very easily. Implementing Bellboy ERP software is quite easy. In case you are already using any software or maintaining your consignment records in Excel, that can be imported in Bellboy in a single click. No computer training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably. Download Bellboy ERP software and start using

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