• IIZA Requirement Centre
  • IIZA Profile Managementc
  • IIZA Payroll Generator
  • IIZA PF ESI Manager
  • IIZA Hierarchy viewer
  • IIZA Train Your Employee
  • IIZA Employee evaluation Centre
  • IIZA Right-point of Time
  • IIZA Leave Centre
  • IIZA Loan Tracker
  • IIZA Employee Asset Tracker
  • Other salient Feature


IIZA HRMS is one such system that takes care of an employee in his welfare, development, accountability, deliverance and his growth along with the organization. Big corporate houses are successful mainly because of their long standing firm HR practices but in small companies the struggle is mainly due to the cost involved in the process. Attaching a separate system to monitor human resource and their needs does involve a huge cost. IIZAHRMS is one solution that completely takes care of the HR's need in one stretch.

IIZA Requirement Centre

The first responsibility of a HR department is to identify the right resource for a right position. Not all the time this process comes out efficiently, but IIZA takes care of this with utmost care, from identifying a need in the company to placing a recruit in the position IIZA is the most versatile tool.
  • Identifying a vacancy position
  • Approval and authorization
  • Selection medium
  • Talent pool
  • Talent search filter
  • Interview desk
  • Candidate short listing
  • Generating offer & appointment letters
  • Email firing
  • Detailed report on each and every round of interview can be maintained.
  • Position mapping
  • Confirmation process.


IIZA Profile Management

Unlike employee all the details pertaining to an employee is also very vital. His personal detail, work detail, dependent detail, educational detail everything is very important for an organization and also should be much secured. The data's are highly sensitive a small change could affect things in big way. Hence IIZA employee profile manager gives higher level of flexibility and at the same time complete security of data.
  • Employee personal manager
  • Employee PF and ESI manager
  • Flexibility of transferring data of an employee from talent pool list.
  • User controlled access on employee creation, delete and edit functionality.
  • Dynamic search of employee profiles
  • Detailed classification of employee skill details.
  • Employee duplication alert.
  • Generation of statutory forms on inclusion of new employees
  • Alert on employee confirmation
  • Holding of history on old employee.
  • Managing employee type


IIZA Payroll Generator

This is the most vital feature of IIZA and also for the HR's. Generating payroll for employees not only involves calculations but also needs 110% accuracy and precision. The HR should follow the government prescribed norms and at the same time satisfy the employee and management. IIZA payroll generator apart from generating payroll also takes care of automatic generation of all the statutory reports and MIS reports.
  • Flexible and dynamic salary breakup creation
  • Dynamic creation of allowances and deductions
  • Flexible mapping of allowances and deductions to employees
  • User controlled access on Salary break up creation, delete and edit functionality.
  • Processing of salary for any chosen department or employee for any number of days.
  • Generating salary to any cadre of employee like wage cadre or staff or top executives etc.
  • Escalation of the salary consolidated report for approval.
  • Dynamic mapping of LOP to individual salary components
  • Email firing of pay slips.
  • Salary arrears & advance treatments.
  • Salary break up report, bank report
  • Auto generation of PF and ESI reports like form 5, form6, form3 etc.
  • Choosing of display components in pay slip.
  • Processed salary edit, delete access control.
  • Payroll approval and authorization
  • Payroll hold.



  • Managing of various PF ESI templates to various employee types.
  • Selecting of needed components to PF ESI calculation.
  • Having multiple type of PF and ESI assigned to employees.
  • Dynamic configuration of PF ESI type to employees.
  • Generation of all PF ESI forms like form 1, form2, form3, form4, form 5 etc.
  • Generation of PF and ESI Challans.
  • Statutory records designed according to government norms of various states.
  • Automatic reports generation as and when the payroll is generated for the employees.


IIZA Hierarchy viewer

Hierarchy plays a vital role in any organization, flow of authority, delegation of work, promotion, salary structure everything will be depended on this functional hierarchy of a company. The other most important task of a hierarchy formation in a company is mainly for the reporting structure in a company who has to report to which designation, roles and responsibilities also will be assigned based on this.

  • Pictorial display of a company's reporting structure.
  • Animated picture with drag drop option to change hierarchy and position.
  • Helps in identifying vacancy position on the total reserved positions.
  • Authorization and approval of events.
  • Work-flow management.


IIZA Train Your Employee

Any employee who joins the organization has to be trained in the specific knowledge of his domain. Training does not stop there even has he grows in the organization to suit the demand of the organization the employee has to be trained or refreshed on his skill sets.

  • Training scheduler
  • Training vendor manager
  • Training chart
  • New recruit training
  • Training employee selection
  • Training effectiveness analyzer
  • Trainer feedback
  • Trainee feedback
  • Trainer management
  • Training budget
  • Training expenses


IIZA Employee evaluation Centre

Any employee is a burden unless he proves his capability in his work. Only when he works for the development of the organization he can be an asset to the organization, so it is the duty of the HR to ensure that the employee is effective, efficient and also his effectiveness is rightly directed towards the organizational goal. In IIZA the HR not only can evaluate the performance of the employee but also can take right corrective measures in order to ensure that he his progressive.

  • Assessment centre- from self, superior, peer and subordinate.
  • Supports any kind of appraisal system based on the company's evaluation parameter.
  • Appraisal pool.
  • Appraisal reminder.
  • Performance evaluation chart builder.
  • Supports 360 degree, 180 degree or even flat appraisal system.
  • Any required MIS reports on the employee can be drilled out.
  • Promotion, increment every appraisal done to an employee is treated with separate interest.
  • Supports group sanctioning or individual sanctioning of appraisal.


IIZA Right point of Time

"Time and tide wait for none", "Time once lost is lost forever" all these are not only proverbs but a mantra in any corporate. Even a single minute will cost the company to a great extent, that's why corporate always talk about punctuality and time discipline. IIZA always shows the right degree of report on whether an employee is efficient or over exposed to work, whether he is compensated for those extra efforts and much more.

Employee in time out time standardizing, overtime calculation, over time wages calculation everything can be formulated according to the company needs which results in more productive employees.

IIZA comes with the flexibility of RF or biometric reader integration.


IIZA Leave Centre

It's always a task for the HR when he reacts towards the employees on leave. IIZA here not only covers the leave application, sanctioning but also gives the HR the flexibility to treat the leave in any way he wants.

  • Leave application
  • Multiple leave type manager.
  • Leave details.
  • Employee Leave type configuring.
  • Leave approval & authentication.
  • Leave history.
  • Leave transfer.
  • Leave encasement option.
  • Dash board of leave details.


IIZA Loan Tracker

This mainly happens in companies where the payroll manager mainly deals with the wage category employees. Loan or advance will be a habit inside but to keep in track of it is really a tough task. IIZA lloan tracker is one easy way where the HR can keep a complete control over the process.

  • Loan eligibility fixing.
  • Loan funded, EMI split, Interest calculator.
  • Deduction option from the salary.
  • Holding Deduction option.
  • Loan EMI balance.
  • Loan recovery details.
  • Loan history.


IIZA Employee Asset Tracker

This value added feature helps in identifying the asset given to an employee.
  • Usage of the asset.
  • Issue date and returning.
  • Condition of the asset while returning.
  • Asset status during the time of employee reliving.
  • Amount spent on the asset for maintenance.


Other salient Feature

  • Create, configure and calculate process.
  • Dynamic PF ESI components selection
  • Dynamic loss of pay component selection.
  • Dynamic pay Slip components selection.
  • Dynamic mapping of allowance and deduction to employees
  • Email firing to employees
  • Reminders on selected events
  • Alerts
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Preloaded settings for plug and play.



  • IIZA Employee Information Reports
  • IIZA PF & ESI Forms Reports
  • IIZA Employee Leave Details
  • IIZA Other Reprots
IIZA Employee Information Reports
  • Employee List
  • Gross Report
  • Department Wise
  • Designation Wise
  • Contact Details
  • Age Wise
  • Blood Group Wise
  • PF Details

IIZA Payroll Related Reports

  • Payslip
  • Salary Statement
  • Salary Register
  • Salary Summary Report (BranchWise)
  • PF Summary
  • ESI Summary


IIZA PF & ESI Forms Reports

  • Form 5 (PF Addition)
  • Form 3A
  • Form 6A
  • Form 7 (Half Yearly Return)
  • Form 12A (Monthly PF Return)
  • ESI Challan
  • Combined PF Challan


IIZA Employee Leave Details

  • Employee Leave Balance Details
  • Employee Wise
  • Branch Wise
  • Employee Leave Taken Details
  • Employee Leave Summary
  • Employee Leave Datewise


IIZA Other Reports

  • Bonus Reports
  • Loan Reports
  • Training Details Reports
  • Telephone Bill Reports
  • Appointment Order
  • Increment Letter
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Candidate List
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