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    IIZASOFT is a leading CRM Software Development Company in Chennai. Our CRM system as a best business solution in organization coordinating and integrating and its functions, mainly

  • Sales Lead Management (Marketing)
  • Sales Quotation
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Basic Accounts
  • Reports


You may receive enquiries from various sources such as Newspaper Advertisement, Internet Advertisement, Cold Call. Proper Management of this lead information enables you to analyze and track the product, or source that generate more leads/enquiries. It also helps you to store the customer contact details in an organized way, so that it is easily available whenever.


Most of the deals are lost to competitors due to less follow-up or over follow-ups. Proper management of follow-up information prevents leads, from going cold. EQMS Lite enables you to record the complete details of follow-up such as mode of follow-up if it is phone, email or a personal visit and so on, date and time of follow-up, brief about the communication done and the next follow-up details. It also provides you the entire history of lead follow-up in a single glance.


After series of follow-up the lead is moved to the final stage that is closure. Managing closure details enables you monitor and track the overall sales performance. EQMS Lite lets you track the status of lead/enquiry i.e. booked, lost or cancelled along with the status reason for winning or losing the deal. Other Features Reports Reports provides complete overview of leads, follow-ups and closure details.

Email and SMS Integration

Master Entries

  • Customer Entry
  • Supplier Entry
  • Item Entry (model, design, size)

Marketing: To Manage Target

  • Enquiry
  • Marketing – Status (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Quotation

Inventory- Stock Management

  • Purchase Entry
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales Entry
  • Sales Return

Sales:To Manage Account, Lead and Campaign

  • Sale Order
  • Customer Entry
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Order

Invoice Details

  • Tax Invoice
  • Delivery Note or Delivery Challan (Non Billable)
  • Delivery Challan cum Invoice
  • Sales invoice can edit ( without changing invoice num and date )
  • Terms of payments (will be display for payments column)
  • Excise Invoice (Optional)
  • Service Invoice
  • Supplier wise purchase reports
  • Payment Reports
  • Outstanding reports

Support: To Maintain support detail of Clients

Activities: To Maintain details of Daily Transaction.

Collaboration: To Maintain Documents

Cash Transaction Maintenance (Accounts)

  • Amount Payable( To suppliers)
  • Amount Receivables ( From customers)
  • Expenses
  • Petty Cash
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Note


  • Stock Summary
  • Sales Reports
  • Customer Wise, Date Wise, Month Wise, Product Wise
  • Purchase Reports
  • Supplier Wise, Date Wise, Month Wise, Product Wise
  • Payment Reports
  • Outstanding reports
  • Customer Wise, Date or Month Wise

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