IIZA Inventory Management System

  Inventory Management Software is an essential to analysis,control and to take decesions with respective to our products,its movement stock with minimum financial investment. If also else to track present position of the any item in our production lines or stores.with help of the we can generate various reports as may be needed various departments. Its easily accessable and manageable by the user. Such as purchase report, sales report, Customer wise sales report, stock reports etc…

Modules :

  The user can have multiple advantages through the modules incorporate software. Modules can handle the informations from the point of getting quotation, issueing, Purchase order, Receipt of materials, Stock position, issues of materials, sales personals, acceptance of orders etc. Software can furnice the product details the prices including additional aoternations, Material description and pictures. A software creates full data’s are of our materials, auctions, customer details, supplier details, order status and helps ABC analysis.

Benefits of Inventory Management Software:

  • Reduce investment,result in savings of interest.
  • Avoids unnecessary quantities of materials.
  • Identifies critical and non critical materials.
  • It indicates minimum stock level, maximum and reorder level.
  • It efficiency managers stones and warehouses focusing cost effective system.
  • It reduces the time involve in collecting data’s regarding our stocks.
  • Accessability of software is restricted through login system.so it is more safe.
  • By using the system we can plan our future demands and supplier of the products depending upon the market conditions which various from time to time.
  • It can serve multiple store points.
  • It doesn’t require any special skills.It can be operate by average skilled person as if a user friendly system.
  • It as a multiple flexiability format involving dates, Name, Currency, Voucher numbering, Financial years, Self designable formats, barcode generating and reading, if can import & export data’s.

Various options available:

  • We can handle multi location
  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple films
  • Multiple godowns
  • Multiple financial years
Various options available:

  • Display of material description and specifications quantity, various taxes, additional charger for packing forwarding, insurance, transport  charges and etc.
  • Floating of enquires for each item.
  • Receipt of enquires and translating all quotations.
  • Generating purchase order’s follow up of purchase order including remender’s.
  • Receipt of materials and coding of items with stocking location. If indicates minimum & maximum stock level and reorder level.
  • Data’s sales person regarding sales of materials.
  • Sales order with reference to individual sales person.
  • Stores stock value as on date to enable as to control the financial burden.
  • To create customerized email invoices.
  • We can track the cost changes during a financial year for all the stocks.
  • Generations of various customerized reports regarding sales, purchase, repeat orders, past moving orders and etc.,
  • Facility for barcode reading and generating.
  • We can create sales history for any duration like weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.
  • We can create database for both customers and suppliers.
  • We can co-relate order,purchase and customer management.
  • It make enteries for stock in different units such as a full set or by pieces.
  • We can printout custom lables.
  • We can vary the prices & discounts for a product or for a customer group.
  • It can be supply as a web based unit and windows based unit.
  • Time entry for all masters such as customer master, purchase, product master etc.
  • We can create import invoice & export invoice in different currencies.
  • We can use the software for performance analysis various sections such as sales,purchase etc.
  • We can make at calculate commission for salesman.
  • We can find out by analyzing the data for gross profit.
  • We can send reminders for pending items.
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